Sunday Morning Bible Study

Bible Study - Sunday School

At MSBC we have Bible study classes grouped by ages for men, women and couples. Though our primary text is the Bible, the Bible-study curriculum we use is Explore the Bible published by Lifeway. Our senior adult classes begin around 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Young adults, children, college, and youth begin at 9:30 a.m. We are class-driven but are organized by departments. If you desire to belong to a group of people who love God, desire to know Him better, want to be renewed and encouraged in your Christian walk, and find a place to be loved by others also striving to live a life pleasing to God, I invite you to check out all the Bible study opportunities available.

Please visit our Welcome Center, located directly behind the Worship Center in the Fellowship Hall. Our greeters will be more than happy to escort you to one of our small-group classes.

Bible study classes are grouped as follows:

Adult Four (22-39)

  • Young Adult Co-ed - Ricky Bell
  • Crocket Class - Dr. Bennie Crockett

Adult Three (40-55)

  • Ladies - Virginia McFatter
  • Men - Andy Mayfield
  • Co-ed - Richard Sims
  • Co-ed - Prentiss Harrell

Adult Two (56-69)

  • Ladies (Messengers) - Carolyn Welborn
  • Ladies (Searchers) - Sue Lee
  • Ladies (Faith) - Joyce Rogers
  • Men - Mims Roberts

Adult One (65+)

  • Ladies - Marilyn Carte
  • Ladies - Marcia Stovall, Emily Roberts
  • Men - Robert Woodman
  • Co-ed - Robert Tuggle