October 19th

By s2286 | October 19, 2018

Dear Main Street Family, Don’t forget that this Sunday is HOMECOMING/LOVE YOUR CHURCH SUNDAY! Our theme for this Sunday is “Old Fashioned Sunday.”  Please dress casual for this week!  We are going to have a wonderful “old fashioned” Sunday worship service.  David Rogers will be our guest preacher followed by DINNER ON THE GROUNDS.  If […]

October 12th

By s2286 | October 12, 2018

Dear Main Street Family, Our hearts once again go out to those who have been recently affected by another hurricane.  The devastation from this recent storm seems to be quite catastrophic.  If you are interested in helping please be careful what organization you donate to.  Two good choices are our own Mississippi Baptist Convention and […]

September 28th

By s2286 | September 28, 2018

Dear Main Street Family, It actually feels a little cooler today!  There is just a hint of fall in the air.  Like seasons in life we are sometimes exiting one season of life and entering another.  Some seasons of life last longer than others it seems.  Some seasons of life are more difficult than others.  […]

September 21st

By s2286 | September 21, 2018

Dear Main Street Family, Many of you have asked me how to help with the relief effort for those affected by the recent hurricane in the Carolinas.  The Mississippi Baptist Convention is requesting that only financial contributions be made at this time to help with the relief efforts.  For more information you can go to […]

September 14th

By s2286 | September 14, 2018

Dear Main Street Family, Our hearts and prayers go out today to all the folks in the Carolinas enduring the hurricane.  I am not sure what type of response will be needed to help those in the greatest need after this storm passes.  I will let you know whenever I find out if there are […]

September 11th

By s2286 | September 11, 2018

September 11, 2018 Dear Main Street Family, It is hard to believe that it has been 17 years since the terrorist attacks on our nation in 2001.  I am sure you remember that morning as we all watched and could not fathom what was happening.  Today, I reminded again of all the lives lost and […]

September 5th

By s2286 | September 7, 2018

Dear Main Street Baptist Church Family, We were blessed to avoid any effect from Hurricane Gordon this week.  However, I am sure for many of you the days following Hurricane Katrina are still fresh in your memory. Most likely, we all have a “storm story” we could talk about.  Life also has its share of […]

August 24th

By s2286 | August 23, 2018

Dear Main Street Baptist Church Family, I hope you are having a great week.  Sadly, there are many people today who probably cannot say they are having a great week.  Many folks we know are going through challenges and circumstances that are making their week not so great. Maybe you or someone you care about […]

August 16th

By s2286 | August 16, 2018

Dear Main Street Baptist Church Family, It has started!  School has officially started again!  The universities and colleges are about to as well.  This means a couple of things.  One, the routines of most families will have to adjust.  Secondly, the demands on our time will only increase.  Time demands can cause a great deal […]

August 9th

By s2286 | August 9, 2018

Dear Main Street Baptist Church Family, If you are reading this from the Main Street Baptist Church phone app, thank you for downloading!  If not, then I encourage you to download the app from the app store. Things are about to really kick into gear as school is starting back and as many of our […]